China Hangzhou Xitianqi Electron Co., Ltd. 

China Hangzhou Xitianqi Electron Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Xitianqi Electron Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of appliance wiring cables, wiring cables, audio cables, video cables, control cables, CAT3 cables, CAT5 cables, CCatefory5e cables, Category6 cables, Category3 cables, Category5 cables, security cables, cctv cables, coaxial cables, low voltage computer cables, virtual audio cables, digital video cables, PCM cables, fire alarm cables, alarm cables, flat flexible cables, trunk cables, lan cables, computer cables, RG62 cables, networking cables, distribute cables, RG179 cables, RG213 cables, RG6 cables, RG59 cables, 3C2V cables, RG7 cables, RG11 cables, internal cables, RG58 cables, RG174 cables, s video cables, composite video cables, drop cables, STP cables, SFTP cables, telecommunication cables, telephone cables, phone cables, UTP cables, FTP cables, flexible cables, component video cables. Using our advanced production technology and precision engineering, we are able to produce high quality products, flexible cord, flexible cords. Additionally, we adhere to strict quality controls allowing our custom products, flexible cord, flexible cords to not only meet internal standards but also meet industry international standards. Furthermore, we offer superior services both domestically and internationally, and take pride in meeting the needs of our customers!

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